How can you prepare food for you and your family that's healthy, easy and fun, when your busy, tired and over committed?


You may have heard that following a Raw Food Diet is time consuming and too hard…but Its so easy…with a little help….  


easy recipes for vegans


Welcome to Raw for Busy people


Created by the Raw Food Institute of Australia, to cater for the busy, tired and often frustrated person who just knows there's a better way to eat…

Im sure you could do it on your own, but lets face it who has you have to be a Nutritionist to fight your way through the confusing maze of dietary tips out there…Im guessing  if you are here, you are probably interested in finding healthy simple recipes for you and your family. We are here to help.

Hi my name is Lucy Walter and I am the founder of the Raw Food Institute of australia.

No I’m not a nutritionist, or a naturopath and I’m definitely not a Doctor.

What I am is someone who healed herself of MS from a plant based diet, so I know first hand how effective this style of eating is. Believe me when I say this was one of the scariest journeys I’ve ever been on, but the outcome, simply incredible.

On this journey to amazing health, (and no MS symptoms) I learnt how to eat properly, how to take care of myself and how to really celebrate living in the truest sense. I was fortunate to find some of the most amazing experts and together we've created The Raw Food Institute of Australia.

Let me share just a couple of the benefits with you that’s I experienced and you can too.

Firstly,  you can expect to feel lighter, digest your food more readily, (without the sleepy feeling you get after a heavy meat meal) and sleep better.

And here's a cool bonus you may appreciate: by following a  whole food, plant based diet: its a simple natural way to shed those extra kilos as well.

This style of healthy eating is also proven to assist in managing health conditions such as type 2 diabetes. (this may not be your issue, but we all know someone suffering with it!)

So if you want these sorts of results, we’d like to show you how and our hope for you is that you'll take it and use it, and get the amazing results that I did and hundreds of our other friends and customers have.

When you fill out your details in the boxes below, you'll get all the information you need to allow you to start improving your health, sheding extra kilos and feeling fantastic.